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Book: The truth about the world: Basic readings in philosophy, 3rd edition

Author(s): James Rechels., Sturart Rachels

Description: This collection of essays addresses some of the most important issues in philosophy, involving God, the mind, freedom, knowledge, and ethics. It can accompany James Rachels and Stuart Rachels’ introductory text, Problems from Philosophy, or it can stand alone with great effectiveness. The Truth about the World and Problems from Philosophy were James Rachels’ last contributions to philosophy, and each book has been revised by his son, Stuart. In these two books, James Rachels found a culminating expression for his love of philosophy.

Publicsher: Mc Graw Hill

Publication year: 2012

Pages: 331

Book code: AV1547

Book: Vocabulary instruction for struggling students

Author(s): Patrica F. Vadasy, J. Ron Nelson

Description: Addressing a key skill in reading, writing, and speaking, this comprehensive book is grounded in cutting-edge research on vocabulary development. It presents evidence-based instructional approaches for at-risk students, including English language learners and those with learning difficulties. Coverage ranges from storybook reading interventions for preschoolers to direct instruction and independent word-learning strategies for older students. Guidance is provided on using word lists effectively and understanding how word features influence learning. The book also reviews available vocabulary assessment tools and describes how to implement them in a response-to-intervention framework

Publicsher: The Guilford Press

Publication year: 2012

Pages: 194

Book code: AV1548-9

Book: Literacy and learning lessons: From a longtime teacher

Author(s): Regie Routman

Description: What are the exemplary qualities, practices, and actions that lead to high reading and writing achievement for all learners? Veteran teacher, leader, and author Regie Routman has written a practical and inspirational guidebook for today's K–12 educators. Whether you are an experienced teacher, principal, or coach, or are just starting out, you will find the 100 literacy and learning lessons an invaluable resource for energizing your teaching and learning and raising achievement and enjoyment. The multitude of explicit strategies and useful ideas will lead to highly effective instruction and assessment in diverse classrooms and schools

Publicsher: International Reading Association

Publication year: 2012

Pages: 176

Book code: AV 1554

Book: Today's Moral Issuses: Classic & contemporary perspectives, 7th edition

Author(s): Daniel Bonevac

Description: Today’s Moral Issues combines theoretical and practical readings on four general themes: first principles, liberty, rights and responsibilities, and justice and equality. The theoretical readings from classical philosophy, which appear at the beginning of each of the four parts of the book, are closely related to the contemporary readings that follow, which cover “hot button” issues of interest to today’s students.

Publicsher: , Mc Graw Hill

Publication year: 2013

Pages: 643

Book code: AV 1553

Book: Teaching exceptional children

Author(s): Mojdeh Bayat

Description: Teaching Exceptional Children presents theoretical information grounded in neuroscience and child development underpinning each disability along with specific behavioral characteristics of that disability. In addition, research-based methods of working with children related to each disability are important features of this book. Guidelines have also been presented to address sensory processing deficiencies manifested in regulatory disorders (such as ASD and ADHD) in young children.

Publicsher: Mc Graw Hill

Publication year: 2012

Pages: 590

Book code: AV 1552

Book: Preparing effective special education teachers

Author(s): Nancy Mamlin

Description: What tools are in the toolkit of an excellent special educator, and how can teacher preparation programs provide these tools in the most efficient, effective way possible? This practical, clearly written book is grounded in current research and policy as well as the author's extensive experience as a teacher educator. It identifies what special education teachers need to know to work competently with students with a wide variety of learning challenges and disabilities. Chapters present specific guidelines for helping teacher candidates build critical skills for instruction and assessment, get the most out of field placements, and collaborate successfully with other school personnel and with parents

Publicsher: The Guilford Press

Publication year: 2012

Pages: 162

Book code: AV 1550-1

Book: Teachers, schooles and society: A brief introduction to education, 3rd edition

Author(s): David Mile Sadker, Karen R. Zittleman

Description: Combining the brevity of a streamlined Introduction to Education text with the support package of a much more expensive book, the brief edition of Teachers, Schools, and Society encourages experienced instructors to explore their own creativity while ensuring that newer faculty can teach the course with confidence. David Sadker’s and Karen Zittleman’s lively writing style captures the joys and challenges of teaching. The text stresses the importance of fairness and justice in school and society, focuses on the most crucial topic areas, and integrates the most current issues in education. In addition, the wealth of activities included--from online video observations to portfolio-building exercises--offers a broad range of ways to introduce students to the teaching profession.

Publicsher: Mac Graw Hill

Publication year: 2012

Pages: 480

Book code: AL 1029.

Book: Teacher, schools and society, 9th edition

Author(s): David Miller Sadker, Karen R. Zittleman

Description: This text presents an overview of education in America. It provides in-depth commentary on educational history, philosophy, and governance, while giving special attention to current critical topics such as the changing federal role in educational finance.

Publicsher: Mc Graw Hill

Publication year: 2010

Pages: 540

Book code: AL 1030.

Book: Experience psychology, 2nd edition

Author(s): Laura A. King

Description: Experience Psychology is a complete learning system that empowers students to personally, critically, and actively experience the impact of psychology in everyday life. Experience Psychology is about, well, experience—our own behaviors; our relationships at home and in our communities, in school and at work; and our interactions in different learning environments. Grounded in meaningful real-world contexts, Experience Psychology’s contemporary examples, personalized author notes, and applied exercises speak directly to students, allowing them to engage with psychology and to learn verbally, visually, and experientially—by reading, seeing, and doing. With the Experience Psychology learning system, students do not just “take” psychology but actively experience it.

Publicsher: Mc Graw Hill

Publication year: 2013

Pages: 630

Book code: AL 1031-2.

Book: Social psychology, 7th edition

Author(s): David G. Myers

Description: In the 11th edition of Social Psychology, David Myers once again weaves an inviting and compelling narrative that speaks to ALL of your students regardless of background or intended major. Through examples and applications as well as marginal quotations from across the breadth of the liberal arts and sciences, Myers draws students into the field of social psychology. At the same time, Myers is also in tune with the ever-changing state of social psychology research. Research Close-Up and Inside Story features throughout the book provide deeper exposure to key research and researchers. Marginal quotations, examples and applications throughout each chapter, and the concluding "Applying Social Psychology" chapters all ensure that regardless of your students' interests and future plans, Social Psychology will engage them. This 11th edition also features the contributions of Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me and The Narcissism Epidemic, further bolstering the direct connection to today's st

Publicsher: Mc Graw Hill

Publication year: 2013

Pages: 745

Book code: AL 1028.

Book: Psychology in Your Life, 1st Edition

Author(s): Sarah Grison,‎ Michael Gazzaniga

Description: Psychology in Your Life was created with the realities of the modern classroom in mind–the text and the media (including an interactive ebook) get students actively engaged with the topics, show them how psychology can be relevant to their lives, and teach them how to be critical consumers of information.

Publicsher: W. W. Norton

Publication year: 2015

Pages: 580

Book code: AL 1027.

Book: Reading: Assessment and instruction for all learners

Author(s): Jeanne Shay Schumm

Description: Weaving together the latest knowledge and best practices for teaching children to read, this indispensable text and professional resource provides a complete guide to differentiated instruction for diverse learners. Uniquely integrative, the book places the needs of English language learners and students with disabilities front and center instead of treating them as special topics. Accessible chapters on each of the core components of literacy clearly demonstrate how to link formal and informal assessment to evidence-based instruction. Special features include Research Briefs, Tech Tips, Internet Resources, Reflection and Action Questions, and dozens of reproducible student activities and assessment tools.

Publicsher: The Guilford Press

Publication year: 2006

Pages: 578

Book code: AV 1555

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